Alan Hawes
Nov 27, 2018
I came here after getting two other estimates to replace a broken piece of my exhaust system. One from the dealer – who I’d expect to be high and another from a national chain muffler shop. The dealer wanted $700 with “free labor” because my car was already there for another repair which required muffler removal. The chain place wanted $1500 and they said they needed to get the part form the dealer. I’ve seen the section and it was about 12 inches long (flex pipe). Carolina Muffler and Brakes looked at it and again confirmed what I already knew – flex pipe. They cut off the bad one and replaced it. $210. No upsell, no b.s. The Manager, Frankie knows her stuff too! One of the few times I've ever have gotten a car repair and NOT felt like I just got ripped off.

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 Erik Olson
Jan 23, 2017
Travis and his crew are the best around. Nothing they can't do. I travel 2 hours for their work with any new vehicle and have for years. These are pics from my new truck where they built a muffler bypass, via electronic butterfly valve, which ties back into the exhaust piping behind the muffler. Flip a switch inside the cab to go from mild to wild. Amazing work!