Steven K. - North Charleston, SC  :
Just dropping a line to say "kudos" to you... I have NEVER been prouder of my truck than when I picked it up from your shop today. I went back and forth counseling with Steve over the approach to my exhaust system. You guys flat out nailed it. This is my third vehicle you've dualed out and, quite honestly, the best.  Great email tech support, and service was as represented. Thanks a million. If you've got a sticker, I'd love to put it on my truck. Then they would know who put the bada$$ exhaust on it.

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Angie J. - North Charleston, SC
Excellent customer service from guys who really know cars- not just mufflers and brakes. These guys have all taken my 15 year old vehicle under their wing and over the past year fixed a little here and a little there as I could afford it. They prioritized what needed to be done and every time they go above and beyond their responsibilities. Needless to say they have completely earned my trust and my car will never be serviced, repaired or maintained by another facility. I love these guys-